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  • Charter Members: This special membership level is reserved for those who intend to help create a lasting, positive legacy for NMBA and the industry. To discuss your interests in this top-tier of membership at the association call NMBA 202-457-8409
  • Full Members:  Full membership comes with a full set of benefits to match.  Mitigation Bankers, corporations and larger NGOs enjoy the highest level of services and support with Full Membership.  Annual Membership $5,500
  • Affiliated Members: Non-bankers  and non-profits will enjoy some of the same high-value benefits and at a lower annual membership dues rate of only $2,750
  • Associate Members: Consultants, attorneys, engineers, contractors, surveyors and other businesses or individuals associated with the mitigation banking industry may wish to join at an even lower annual rate of  $1,100
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